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So here I am, posting in a blog that no one will read because my online social skills are about the same as my real life ones. And by that I mean they comfortably nestle somewhere in between Howard Hugues, minus the limitless wealth and the pee-jars, and an alien that can only communicate via the ancient art of copromancy. Needless to say, an extrovert I aint.
Don't really know why I'm doing this. It just sort of happened. I was trolling the net, as I like to do due to the fact that my brain doesn't like to shut off when I tell it to so wandering the darkened halls of the internet at two in the morning is perfectly normal to me, and I stumbled on this blog. I figured it would have been deleted due to four-plus years of fucking inactivity. But apparently It's the Penelope to my Odysseus and, by god, if it takes twenty years, it's going to wait for me. So I poked around, looked at the few posts I made and the one example of crappy writing that I puked out one night and randomly decided to do this. That's about all there is to it. I just sort of do things sometimes. Who knows when I'll do it again. I'd like to make this a regular thing, but since this is basically me talking to myself on the internet, I don't know if I really want to wander down that rabbit hole of crazy just yet. I mean, after that, it's all tinfoil hats, and sincerely believing that Alex Trebec is actually the earthly manifestation of Nyarlathotep.
So, anyway. This is Tekler, posting into the void. Maybe I'll see this four years from now and we can do this all over again. So, in closing, I'll leave you all with a little bit of poetry that I found once, carved into the desk of a high school study hall.

I once was here, but now am gone.
I left these words to carry on.
Those who knew me, knew me well.
Those who didn't can go to Hell.

See you, space cowboy.


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